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Mission Statement

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To protect lives and property of the people of the District from fires, hazardous materials incidents and natural disasters; to save lives by providing emergency medical services, and to prevent fires through prevention and education programs.
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Our Organizational Vision

To be recognized by our community and employees as

  1. The model of excellence in providing fire protection, advanced life support emergency medical services, and related emergency services.
  2. As an organization that will constantly seek to provide, enhance, and broaden customer service levels as a means of increasing the quality of life for all District residents and visitors.
  3. As an organization that will constantly seek to be responsive to the communities' needs and concerns.
  4. As an organization that will encourage the challenge of new ideas and technology, just as the environment we work in changes, so must we.
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Our Guiding Principles

We believe:

  • We exist to help people.
  • In respect for all people.
  • That people are our most important asset.
  • That continuous improvement is accomplished one step at a time.
  • In the responsible use of our resources.